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Sight Reading Information

At ThunderRidge, we use a program called "Sight Reading Factory" (SRF).  Every student enrolled in a choir has access to this program and has a requirement to complete specific sight reading (SR) assignments.  Included will be the steps to setting up an account, how to access your account, Assignments, and the Bonus Points that can be gained to earn TRHS Choir Swag!

-Creating an Account: Visit or click the link at the bottom of the page and enter the code provided by Mr. Wolterstorff (the code will change annually to ensure legality).  Then follow the instructions to complete your account information.

-Accessing Your Account: You may click the link at the bottom of the page, return to the SRF website and log in using the email and password you created, or you can download the SRF app on your IOS device (Android will be coming soon).  Once logged in please enroll in your current Choir Class.

-Assignments: Once you have enrolled in a class you will be able to see all of the posted assignments.  The assignments labeled "SR" (these will be 1 SR through 10 SR) are the assignments that you will be graded on and will be due every other week.  Each SR is worth 2% of the SR grade for a total of 25% of the overall Semester Grade.  Only an SR with 80% or higher accuracy will be accepted as complete (more information in "Grading" in the Choir Handbook).

-Bonus Points: Once you have enrolled in your class you will be able to see all Practice sight readings (labeled P-1 through P-99).  You may do 25 of these per quarter (for a total of 99) but keep in mind that you will not be able to go back and do any after the quarter is over so plan accordingly.  Only SR's with 80% accuracy will be counted towards Bonus Points.  Bonus Points are the best way to earn points for your House, to get on the LeaderBoard, and to get points for Swag!  Bonus Points are also the points that you must accumulate to be eligible to audition for higher level choirs, so do these regularly!

Here is the scoring guide for Bonus Points (based on 80% accuracy or better):

Level 1 = 1 point

Level 2 = 5 points

Level 3 = 10 points

Level 4 = 20 points

Level 5 = 35 points

Level 6 = 50 points

You may choose any level to try and score as many points as possible, but keep in mind you only get the points for an accurately completed Sight Reading...

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